Edinburgh Quiz

Best of Edinburgh Quiz

Test your knowledge of Edinburgh with our free fun quiz.

1. This statue is of a three legged dog called "Bum". It is located at the King's Stables Road entrance to Princes Street Gardens and was gifted to the Town from which of Edinburgh's Twin Cities?

A. Munich

B. San Diego

C. Vancouver

2. There are some magnificent thistles on display in Princes Street Gardens. The thistle is the national emblem of Scotland. It was adopted after a surprise night attack by invaders was repelled at Largs after one of the invaders stood on a thistle and shrieked out in pain. Who were the invaders?

A. Romans

B. Vikings

C. French

3. Where in Edinburgh can you see this statue of Abraham Lincoln?

A. Scottish Parliament

B. Castle Esplanade

C. Old Calton Burying Ground

4. This statue of Scotland's heraldic red lion (with blue claws and holding up a gilded bronze sword and sceptre) can be seen where?

A. Edinburgh Castle

B. The Queen's Gallery

C. The City Chambers

5. What's the name of this street?

A. Cowgate

B. West Bow

C. George Street

6. This commemorative stone in Princes Street Gardens is a thank you from which country's exiled WW2 servicemen to their friends and allies in these isles?

A. Norway

B. Denmark

C. France

7.The Scott Monument also has what nickname?

A. Thunderbird 3

B. Space Shuttle

C. Beam me up Scotty

8. A statue on horseback of this famous WW1 soldier can be seen at Edinburgh Castle. Who is he?

A. Lord Mountbatten

B. Lord Kitchener

C. Earl Haig

9. Here is a picture of another Edinburgh castle. What's its name?

A. Binns Castle

B. Craiglockhart Castle

C. Craigmillar Castle

10. What's the name of this famous Edinburgh Bridge?

A. North Bridge

B Waverley Bridge

C George IV Bridge

11. This is a picture of the top of which famous Edinburgh landmark?

A. Jenners Store

B. Balmoral Hotel

C. City Chambers

12. Where in Edinburgh Castle would you see this carving of a snake?

A. Crown Square

B. Great Hall

C. Old Military Hospital

13. Who's house is this:-

A. Governor of Edinburgh Castle

B. First Minister of Scotland

C. Moderator of General Assembly of Church of Scotland